Basic Meeting List Toolbox or BMLT provides easy, customizable meeting searches for almost all types of NA web sites, mobile devices, and even printed lists.

It allows easy synchronization of your meeting list with NA World Services (NAWS). However, even though developed in coordination with NAWS, the BMLT is an independent, standalone project; with no connection to any NA Service entity or philosophy.

New York hosted a BMLT Days event where people presented on many different aspects and applications of BMLT and YAP App. All the wonderful and informational presentations ranging from setup, administration, satellites, Facebook integration, YAP app for phone lines, and location information are all archived from 2019 and can be viewed here.

Heart of Illinois area is currently using BMLT to display meetings on this site and provide printable lists. As for a how-to for other areas wanting to do the same… this is how to get started, stay tuned for more. Contact the regional meeting list coordinator for a login to our BMLT server (how-to add meeting to our server), check out Bread for printed lists, Crouton to display meetings online, and there are a variety of mobile apps that work to find meetings based on your location. This site is built on WordPress, plays nicely with BMLT, eases editing, simplifies updating, and is ‘spirit of rotation’ friendly.

The BMLT blog has put out a great post,  BMLT, Virtual Meetings, and the Pandemic, explaining some best practices for handling virtual, physical, and hybrid meetings.