COVID-19 Meeting Updates

All of our NA groups in the area are discussing solutions for providing safe environments and meeting alternatives in wake of COVID-19. In a time of social distancing, finding new ways to stay connected is more important than ever.

  • Pekin meetings have moved back to 612 South 3rd St, same days and times.
  • Sanity, NA After Dark, and Saturday Night Live in Peoria have resumed all meetings at Sanity starting May 20th.
  • The HOW Group and Keys to Eleven are now meeting in person and on Zoom.
  • Friday Night Live (Avalon) is now meeting in person.
  • Uptown Hope Fiends (Richwoods) and Just for Today (Lake Street) groups are meeting online, via Zoom, until further notice. Please see Online NA Meeting information below.

All donations go to HOI area for group support during COVID-19. If you would like your donation to go to a specific group, please specify that in the PayPal note.

See the online meeting section for list of Heart of Illinois online meetings.

Check facebook for additional updates pertaining to zoom meetings. HOI will do it’s best to keep everyone informed of any updates.

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