BMLT Workshop

Welcome to the BMLT and Beyond Workshop. Our goal is to show how the BMLT and detailed accurate meeting information can ease the process of a suffering addict in finding a Narcotics Anonymous meeting. We will cover a verity of topics from a brief overview of BMLT, adding/editing meetings, map search functions, how phoneline’s can use meeting information, pulling meeting data to use in meaningful ways, service body update forms, and phone apps.

Hands-On Demonstration

We will be logging into a BMLT root server and adding meetings to the Spooktacular Area *cue scary music

BMLT Server:
Username: Freddy_K
Password: scarypassword

Walkthrough if you get lost at any point:

Sooktacualr Area of Narcotics Anonymous

Bellow is a list of resources used in this workshop

The BMLT homepage (this is a great starting point for all things BMLT)

Do I have BMLT in my area? This is a list of all BMLT root servers (great place to see if your area is currently covered)

HOW-TO add meetings to an area

Map search example (scroll down till you see the map)

Pulling data using the Symantec Workshop (find number of hybrid meetings, etc)

Update Forms

Phone Apps